During my recent 2-12 May visit to Nepal, I had the opportunity to meet with the Steering Committee of JOMPOPS [Joint Mechanism for Political Party Strengthening], a platform of all the parties that today play a role in the country. This was the group of representatives from the political parties I started to work with in 2011, when I was the Director of DIPD [Danish Institutte for Parties and Democracy] and also responsible Programme Officer for the programme in Nepal.

Most of the party representatives and the DIPD Staff were there, when the Steering Committee met on the outskirts of Kathmandu. In addition to their normal SC business, they had asked me to make a presentation on the way in which issues of democracy are covered by the UN Sustainable Development Goals [the so-called SDGs] covering the 2015-2030 period. You can download my presentation on the link just below.

DEMOCRACY AND THE SDGs: F4D – SDG-Democracy – Nepal – May 2018