The document attached below provides an overview of my career since I had my first job with the Danish NGO called Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (Danish Association for International Co-operation) in 1975. Strictly speaking, this was really not my first job. After starting at the University of Copenhagen in 1969, I started teaching at Gentofte Gymnasium on the outskirts of Copenhagen in 1971, teaching social sciences. I did this while I was also studying political science at the university. For many years, I actually had the dream of making teaching my professional career. Circumstances led me in another direction, and I have been happy about that – but I still love to teach!

Bjørn Førde – CV – 2017

I should emphasize that I am not posting my CV because I am looking for another job. However, I am open for smaller consultancies that can benefit from my different experiences.