Dear Friend/Colleague,

Over the years, we have touched base in my different roles working with Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, the UN and most recently the Danish Institute for Parties and Democracy. I have recently retired, as you will have noted if we are friends on Facebook or LinkedIn, but this does not mean that I have withdrawn from the social and political ‘activism’ I have always been a strong believer in. At the global level, this activism is more needed than ever, and while it may be true that it is more needed and necessary in countries other than Denmark, it is certainly also needed here – and right now. That is why I am sending you this message!

KVINFO – the Danish Centre for Gender, Equality and Diversity – is being threatened by the present Danish government. In March, the Minister of Culture announced that she had decided to close KVINFO’s library as an independent entity and move the library to become part of the Royal Library. I know from personal experience back in the early 1990’ies that such threats should not be taken lightly, and I have therefore decided to work with many others to mobilize support for KVINFO, both in Denmark and internationally. We are not talking about funding at this point, but rather support for the importance of having a research-oriented institution like the one at KVINFO, which can generate the knowledge needed to continue working for gender equality.

Sign the petition

More than 3.000 individuals in Denmark have signed on to the Danish Support KVINFO campaign. We now need you and many others to sign on to the international SUPPORT KVINFO campaign, and you can do that on the link mentioned below. Here you will also find a brief background note written by Elisabeth Møller Jensen, former Director of KVINFO, and myself.

Thank you for contributing to the campaign – and please share with your friends and colleagues.

Warmly from Bjørn