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A few days ago, on 3 May, we once again celebrated World Press Freedom Day, one of many days ‘designed’ by the member states of the United Nations. Like we have done for too many years, we not only celebrated the critical importance of a free, provocative, daring and honest press for our democracy – to provide information to citizens, and to hold those in power accountable. We also remembered all of those who have sacrificed their freedom for speaking out or used their artistic skills to make funny or sad or hilarious or thoughtful cartoons of those at the pinnacle of power.

Since I am a daily reader of the great online news media called the Daily Maverick, coming out of South Africa, I am also fortunate to enjoy the ingenious cartoons made by ZAPIRO. Most of them have a South African focus, and many will require a reasonable level of knowledge of present-day politics in South Africa, as well as the personalities involved in the battle for the future leadership of the ruling ANC party. But as the cartoon marking the World Press Freedom Day indicates, Zapiro also covers global issues. You can find many more on the Zapiro website, but I just wanted to present a few examples here.

About Donald Trump

©  2017 Zapiro (All Rights Reserved). Printed/Used with permission from

It is not surprising that President Trump is one of the globally important personalities who has been an object of Zapiro. The golden shower on his head is a key characteristic of his cartoons, and it is often used when President Zuma is the target.

About where South Africa is going

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Finally, this cartoon about the Social Media Police is an indication that South Africa is moving in the wrong direction. I guess this is what worries many of us, who contributed to the anti-apartheid struggle in one way or the other during several decades – and what worries an increasingly larger part of the membership of the ruling African National Congress party, as well as the people of South Africa in general.